Please look at these 11 Benefits we offer!

  • A Guarantee in writing so you are protected.
  • Maximum 12 week exclusive agency agreement.
  • No auctions so you can’t be undersold.
  • No advance fees so you can’t lose money while an agent profits. You pay nothing until Sold
  • No open inspections so your home is safe and buyers are qualified.
  • Inspections to suit you and the buyers, so you don’t miss an opportunity to sell.
  • Trained salaried representatives. We treat our people right so that they treat you right.
  • No kickbacks; not from anyone not for any reason.
  • A higher asking price so you can receive a higher selling price. This makes a BIG difference!
  • 7 day service until 9pm
  • Buyers names kept on a data base which means we often find the right buyer for you within days.

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